31 Ways To Expand Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Health. / Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


We all get so caught up in the day to day, that we forget to focus on ourselves and our surroundings. Life can actually be beautiful if you pause and reset yourself to appreciate the little things. So what better time than a new year to challenge yourself mentally and physically, & try things that are exciting and different. ♥

1. Read theSkimm every morning.

2. Take the stairs.

3. Call, don’t text.

4. Write a letter.

5. Cook a new recipe.

6. Read a book.

7. Turn off social media for a day.

8. Write in a journal.

9. Try not to complain.

10. Meditate/ pray / moment of silence.

11. Drink more water.

12. Research a topic of your choice.

13. Compliment yourself.

14. Ask questions.

15. Help someone.

16. Talk to someone new.

17. Learn how to play an instrument.

18. Take a different route to work/school.

19. Go somewhere new. Plan a vacation.

20. Draw/paint.

21. Spend time in nature.

23. Take a class. (Pottery, cooking, cycling, writing, etc.)

24. Get MORE sleep.

25. Try saying yes or no to things more often.

26. Try a new genre of music.

27. Wear a new outfit.

28. Organize your space.

29. Try yoga.

30. Spend time alone.

31. Make peace with your failures.


Start fresh this new year! Take control of your life and open your mind to new things. The possibilities are endless. Share with us your motivation, and the things you are doing to step out of your comfort zone. We would love to hear about them. ❤❤

Autumn & Elizabeth

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