A Day In My Keto Diet

Health. / Thursday, June 28th, 2018


If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “what in the world do I eat on this diet?!” or you’re just wondering what the heck keto even is. Don’t worry, I’ve been there!
Keto literally just means low carb. How much is “low carb” though? Well, that part is completely up to you.
Now for me, I need structure on my diet, or I’ll end up caving and eating everything that’s bad for me. So, I’m doing a version of keto called the Atkins20 diet. This is where you can have up to 22g of net carbs per day. Net carbs are super easy to figure out, just look at the nutrition label on your food (remember everything it says is per serving). To calculate just use this equation-> carbohydrates – fiber – sugar alcohols(if any, it’ll say) = net carbs.
If you need a little more explanation, click here.

Ok, on to the food. At first, low carb sounds horrifying. I love carbs! Pasta, bread, soda, pizza… so what the heck do I eat?! Still great food, no worries there. Just a little less of the bad stuff! I’ve cut down my sugar and carb intake, and started eating foods high in fat. This puts the body in a metabolic state called Ketosis. Which basically means your body is turning the fat content into these things called ketones, and it uses it for energy. The pounds just burn right off!
Now, I’m going to walk you through a full day in my diet. Starting bright and early, & finishing right before bed.

9:30 a.m.- Gym: 30 min. of cardio + weight training
24 oz water bottle.

10:45/11 a.m.- Breakfast:
2 lg eggs (0.0g net carbs)
1/4 cup fiesta blend shredded cheese (0.8g net carbs)
3 slices Hormel Bacon (0.0g net carbs) 
Hazelnut coffee KCup w/ sugar free creamer (<1g net carbs)

Total: ≈1.8g net carbs

12 p.m.- 24 oz water bottle with Crystal Light (0.0g net carbs)

12:30 p.m.- Snack:
14 Blue Diamond Roasted almonds (1.0g net carbs) 

Total so far: ≈2.8 g net carbs

2 p.m.- Lunch: 
Burrito bowl from Chipotle w/ no rice or beans
extra chicken (0.0g net carbs)
1/2 scoop green bell pepper (3.0g net carbs) 
1 scoop mild salsa (1.0g net carbs) 
1 scoop shredded cheese (1.0g net carbs) 
1/2 scoop guac (4.0g net carbs)

Total so far: ≈11.8g net carbs

4 p.m.- 24 oz. water bottle w/ Crystal Light (0.0g net carbs) 

7 p.m.- Dinner:
2 turkey burger patties (0.0g net carbs)
2 slices pepperjack cheese (2.0g net carbs) 
1 cup broccoli florets (2.0g net carbs) 
2 tbsp honey mustard (2.0g net carbs)
1 Coke Zero (0.0g net carbs)

Total so far: ≈17.8g net carbs

8:30 p.m.- Dessert/Snack:
Atkins Cookies & Crème bar (4.0g net carbs)

GRAND TOTAL: ≈21.8g net carbs


Easy Peasy! The most important thing to remember is to DRINK WATER. At least 3-4 bottles a day. I’ve also created a little list of pros & cons so you can weigh your options. Enjoy ☺

-more energetic (like way more)
-less fatigue, don’t feel the need to nap right after I wake up
-workouts are better, I feel stronger
-can see physical changes within the first week

-moody & irritable
-nauseated + headache (keto flu)
-spotting throughout the month
-unbearable cravings

There ya have it. Bottom line is, this diet works. I’ve lost a total of 19 pounds in 3 weeks. But, my body has went through some unpleasant changes as well. If you decide to try it, tag us on Instagram @Autumn__Elizabeth, and let us know how it works for you. Or, if you’re already on it, how are you doing? Are you experiencing negative side effects? Or has it been smooth sailing? Let us know. We love to hear from you all. ♥

Autumn & Elizabeth

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