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Fashion., Life. / Thursday, July 26th, 2018

I cannot believe I’m about to say this, and I’m so sorry for it… but it’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! 🙄
As terrible as it is that summer is coming to an end, there is a bright side. SHOPPING! 🛍
I can’t be the only one who only looked forward to the back to school shopping part of going back to school. I know, my priorities are in check. But honestly, I felt like if my outfit is cute and I felt good, then I would apply myself better at school and it would be a breeze. I don’t know how those two things correlate, but that’s just how it worked.
Lucky for you, we teamed up with a couple friends to bring our school style to life in what we call our Back 2 School Look-book, VOL 1. The point is for you all to get some inspo for outfits, some ideas to put on your shopping list, and whatever else you’ll need to put your best foot forward this fall semester.
Below we have also tagged where you can find just about everything in the video, even some similar things. Just click the pics to buy. ♥

Totally Rooted In God- (Autumn15 for 15% off)


Graphic Tees-

Layering Pieces-





School Supplies-



Thank you so much for watching & reading! Study hard & stay in school kids 😉♥

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