Foundation Routine


    Hey everyone! Long time no talk. 😐 February has been one of the busiest months for us in a long time. Needless to say, we’ve been kind of tired! But, we are back and better than ever 😚 I get asked aaa looottt about my foundation, powder, contour, etc. I’ve never went through a full face […]


Lash Queen


Another one of my most asked questions is, “How do you put on false lashes?!” Well, to be honest it can still be a struggle sometimes! It pretty much all depends on the lash. Sure, they may look pretty in the box, but are they user friendly?! Maybe not 💁 Also, practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICEEEE. I promise the […]


5000 Thank You’s


Guess what everyone!? We hit 5,000 followers last week!! ❣🤗 CRAZY! We want to thank each and every supporter we have had so far, we would have never hit this milestone without you! Our dream is to be able to do what we love by creating interesting content for you all to read and watch and […]


Smoke Show


Hey guys! Today’s post has been long overdue. I’ve been meaning to get around to showing you all not only how to do a smokey eye, but my favorite brushes to use in the process! 😊 Smokey eyes tend to come off a little intimidating because they involve dark colors and a lot of blending…but personally, […]


I Believe In Red Lipstick


  I completely understand why red lipstick is such a scary thought. I mean it’s messy, it’s bold, and it takes a lot to get it off! But, it looks so good on every skin tone 💋 You just need to find the perfect shade! Being the makeup lover that I am, I have done my […]




Another month, another boxy charm unboxing ❣ I have loved every month so far, they always provide the best products to try out! & usually they are from up and coming brands I haven’t heard of yet, which is pretty awesome! If you read last months post, you’ll know that I switched things up a bit. […]


Gift Ideas For Her- UNDER $50!

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Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?! Which means Christmas is literally right around the corner. ⛄🎄  It also means Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming up! So EXCITED! It is the absolute perfect time to start buying Christmas gifts. If you’re on a budget like us, you might need a little help on coming up […]


How To Look Like You Know What You’re Doing


You have no idea how many times a day I hear, “I wish I could do makeup!” Well girl, you can. Makeup has no rules & literally ANYONE can do it. The most common misconception with makeup is that you have to be an artist or a beauty guru to be able to do it. […]


5 Setting Sprays You MUST Try


I cannot live without a setting spray, even when I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t know how it happened, but I must have multiple sprays at one time. I mean, each one has a different job so that makes it ok… right? If you watch absolutely any beauty YouTuber, you’ll see that a setting spray […]


Cutie With A Bootie


Fall and winter are our favorite seasons because BOOTIES ❤ We love all things boots; boot socks, lace-up, heels, flats, short, tall, etc. The possibilities are endless ☺ Here are some of our favorite styles, with links to similar ones so you can be apart of the bootie obsession. MUK LUKS Nola – $89.99 MUK LUKS Elizabeth […]