Halloween Made Easy

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Halloween is officially less than a week away! This is not a drill… 🎃 Do you all know what you’re going to be yet?! If the answer is no, don’t worry, I’m here to give some inspiration. Makeup wise, that is. I’m not much of a costume person, so that part is completely up to you. […]


Back2School 2018

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I cannot believe I’m about to say this, and I’m so sorry for it… but it’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! 🙄 As terrible as it is that summer is coming to an end, there is a bright side. SHOPPING! 🛍 I can’t be the only one who only looked forward to the back to school shopping part […]


Good Times & Tan Lines


Hello again 🌼 Is it just us, or have bathing suits been so freaking hard to find the past few years!? Everything is online, and as great is that is, WE NEED TO TRY THINGS ON. Unfortunately, we are not the type who can just order one size and have it fit. 😖 It’s a struggle for sure. Recently, […]


Gift Ideas For Him- UNDER $50!

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Happy hump day! One day closer to Thanksgiving…and SHOPPING! 🤗 On Monday, we came up with a gift guide for her under $50, now it is time for the men! I don’t know about you, but for us it is so hard to try and pick out gifts for the guys in our life. Like […]


Gift Ideas For Her- UNDER $50!

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Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?! Which means Christmas is literally right around the corner. ⛄🎄  It also means Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming up! So EXCITED! It is the absolute perfect time to start buying Christmas gifts. If you’re on a budget like us, you might need a little help on coming up […]


Where My Witches At?!

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“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”.🐭 -Cady Heron   In honor of October 3rd, Mean Girls, and Halloween… We have compiled a list of our fav costume ideas to help with any struggles ya’ll […]