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Beauty. / Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Wow, we haven’t done a makeup post on here in a MINUTE. But, here we are ♥  Today I decided to take pics of a cut crease look I was doing. I recently got the Crown Brush Pro Fuego eyeshadow palette, and wanted to test it out! Btw, this palette’s formula is AMAZING! Talk about so buttery and pigmented that there’s almost 0 fallout. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars.

Ok, so let’s get to the tutorial. I’ll explain what I did, and what brush I used to do it with. Now that I’ve changed my technique, it has made cut creases so much easier. Enjoy!

1. Prime eyelid- This step is not necessary. Personally, I only do this step when I’m doing a super glam look. I used Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define & my finger to blend.

2. Lay down transition shade- Basically, the transition shade is the one that is going to blend your eyeshadows together so seamlessly. This is usually a lighter neutral shade, intended to make your look have a gradient, blended effect. I used the Morphe m510 brush back and forth above my crease.

3. Blend in crease shade- Time to pick a darker crease color! These usually are second darkest colors in the palette. Again, we’re trying to create a gradient effect. So think lightest to darkest, brow to lid. I used the Morphe m441 brush and blended right below the transition shade & a little on the outer corner of my eye.

TIP: *create wing + cleanup fallout easier with loose powder. “bake” your under eye to outer corner.

4. Darken up outer v- This adds a little bit more dimension to the look. Take one of the darkest shades, draw a v shape on your outer corner, and blend into crease shade. Be careful not to take this color too far up. I used the Morphe mb24 brush to lay down the color, & the Morphe M441, mentioned above, to blend that line.

5. Carve or “cut crease” with concealer/primer- This is the trickiest part. But, Nicole Gueirrero taught me a way that’s fool proof. I’m going to break this down even further so pay attention.
– Dot concealer on lower part of eyelid.
– Look straight up, to the right, and to the left.
– There will be a line above your crease.
This line is your guide. Now you will have a perfectly rounded cut crease & will know exactly where to place your eyelid color. I used the BH Cosmetics small flat concealer brush out of this set, and went to work.

6. Lay down lid shade- If I’m doing a cut crease, I almost always put a shimmer or glitter on the lid just to make it pop. For this I used  E.L.F. Cosmetics Eyeshadow “c” brush to pat this color all over.

7. Add the finishing touches- I used some Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid eyeshadow on the crease line, added some liner, and some lashes! These steps aren’t necessary, but it helps to tie the whole thing together and make it extra glam 💋

Easy enough, right? No but honestly, practice makes perfect. I’m still practicing, but this technique has made it that much easier to master. Just take your time, you’ll get there. If you recreate this look, feel free to tag us on IG: autumn__elizabeth. 📸 & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG 📩

Autumn & Elizabeth

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