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Halloween is officially less than a week away! This is not a drill… 🎃 Do you all know what you’re going to be yet?! If the answer is no, don’t worry, I’m here to give some inspiration. Makeup wise, that is. I’m not much of a costume person, so that part is completely up to you. But again, don’t worry. These ideas don’t require intricate outfits or props, so you should be good to go!

Every year I see people on Instagram comment on these elaborate SFX (special effects) makeup looks saying, “I wish I could do this!” or, “That looks too hard.” Well lucky for you it doesn’t have to be! I literally use the same handful of products to create my Halloween looks, and they don’t turn out half bad. Maybe I’m just biased… but check it out for yourself! You don’t need all the crazy prosthetics & skin paints to make it look good. I have created a list of Halloween makeup ideas that I have done throughout my time on Instagram, and I’ve also included every product I used, which you can buy at your nearest Ulta or drugstore! Good luck to you all & Happy Halloween. ☠


You don’t have to do the gore part of this look if you aren’t into that sort of thing. It’s still one of the easiest looks ever to create.

Products used:
Clinique Pretty Easy Liner Pen – You’ll see this used in just about everything on the list. I use it for the small black details & also to fill in noses & lips.
Liquid Latex  – Another staple product. I created the scratches by layering latex and tissues until it was raised enough for me to cut 3 thin lines with cuticle scissors.
Stage Blood – I mainly use this to create blood splatters & drips. Just put a little bit on a Q-Tip & it’ll drip right off onto your face.
Scab Blood – This stuff is amazing. It’s chunky and bloody, which is perfect to fill in cuts. It looks so realistic.

Add some kitty ears & you are all set. 😺

2. Black & White Skull-

I chose to do one half glam & one half skull, but feel free to do the whole thing!

Products used:
Clinique Pretty Easy Liner Pen – Draw the teeth & fill in the nose with this baby.
Black eye pencil – I like to use these to sketch out the parts I will be shading later. So, around the eyes, temples, & cheek area.
Morphe 25A Palette – Morphe has great shadows, so I always trust to use them for blending out & shading areas of my face. I use the black & grey shades to fill in the eyes, temples, & cheeks.

**I don’t have a white cream paint that I like, so I just use a foundation that is SUPER light. Kat Von D has a literal white foundation, so that could always be an option.

3. Fall colored Skull-

I think the white outline instead of black makes it look so cool and unique.

Products used:
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette – This is hands down my fav Morphe palette, and it offers all of the beautiful fall colors. I used this on the eyes, on the cheeks, and around the teeth.
White Body Paint – This one isn’t necessary. I would prefer white eyeliner instead, but depending on what you have, either works fine.

4. Slashed Throat-

You’d be surprised how easy this is to achieve. Make sure to cover the edges of your “slashed throat” with shadow & bruising to make it realistic.

Products used:
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette – Using a fluffy brush, bruise your face & neck with brown & red shadows.
Liquid Latex – Using a sponge, I layered latex & wide, rectangle shaped tissue, until it was thick enough to cut a line straight across using cuticle scissors.
Scab Blood – Using a Q-Tip, scoop some of the scab blood and pile it inside the “slashed throat”.
Stage Blood – Using a stippling sponge, or a brush, dab this all over the neck, covering the whole wound area.

Video tutorial here!

5. Handmaid-

This was inspired by Janine from A Handmaid’s Tale. And yes, that is a red raincoat as my costume.

Products used:
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette – Shocker, I’m using this again. I’m telling you it’s the best. Use the brown & red shadows to create bruising around one eye.
Stage Blood – Using a stippling sponge or brush, dab it all around the eye, down to the cheek, and up past the brow bone.
Coagulated Blood – This stuff is thick like scab blood, but isn’t chunky. It’s good for creating drips & clumps that you want to stay put. Like I did underneath the eye.

6. Galaxy Alien-

Not complete without space buns.

Products used:
Urban Decay Electric Palette – There are so many beautiful colorful eyeshadow palettes out right now, but this is the OG for me… & it’s on sale for $15! I used this to shade & contour my entire face.
NYX White Liquid Liner – Draw dots & stars wherever you feel is right!
Silver Glitter – Use whatever lip gloss you want, then press any silver glitter you have right on top. Surprisingly, it stays on quite a while.

Video tutorial here!

7. Frostbitten-

Sugar Crystal sprinkles from my cabinet were used in the making of this look.

Products used:
Colorful Eyeshadows – This one has all the colors, mattes, & shimmers. I used mostly dark reds, purples, & blacks to make areas of my face look like they have some frostbite.
Liquid Latex – I used about 3+ layers of just liquid latex on the parts I shaded with eyeshadow. Then using tweezers, start to make holes in the latex. Even try it on the lips!
Coagulated Blood – Fill in all the holes & cracks with this stuff. Make drips to look like the wounds are oozing.

Video tutorial here!

8. Fading into *something*-

You can do a rainbow, or glitter, or blood, whatever you want. I decided to just fade into the universe.

Products used:
More Colorful Eyeshadows – The specific ones I used aren’t available anymore. However, this palette covers the entire rainbow. Eyeshadow is the only thing I used on my face, no paints. Get to blending!
NYX White Liquid Liner – I would have preferred to use this liner instead of paint. But, just draw on stars and shooting stars & you are all finished with this one.

Video tutorial here!

9. Gangster Clown-

Hoops & crop tops are the easiest costume.

Products used:
NYX Matte Black Liquid Liner – After you do the wings, go ahead and draw triangles around your eyes. Then a cute little clown nose. This stuff dries matte & stays on all day.
E.L.F Matte Lip Color – I used this wine shade to fill in my entire lips, and I shaded a bit of it in the center of my nose to add color.
Black Eye Pencil – These come in handy for adding detail. Outline the lips & extend the ends just a little bit to give a creepy smile.

10. Scars-

Yours doesn’t have to be a shape… I just like frickin bats.

Products used:
Rigid Collodion – This stuff is amazing! Use the applicator to draw lines on your skin, and see your skin pucker into a deep looking scar. It’s the easiest SFX product to use.

**You also don’t need to fill it in with blood, like I did. Just use a little pink lipstick & a brush, and paint the inside of the scar so it’s realistic.


What do you think? Do you have an idea for a costume yet? If you do, please let us know on Instagram ♥ We love to hear from you all.

Happy Halloween guys 🎃

Autumn & Elizabeth

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