“Happy” New Year

Health., Life. / Sunday, December 30th, 2018

We could sit here and tell you that 2018 was great, and we had so many amazing memories. Which is the truth, but do we really want to sugar coat it that much? Coming up with this post idea was easy, but coming up with what to say is a completely different story. 2018 had it’s wonderful moments, some really really fun times. But when we sit down to look back over it all, we’re left feeling uninspired, drained, and only one thing to say… we hope 2019 is better.
We’re sure we sound like downers to you right now, and maybe that’s ok. It was a good year. That we can’t deny. But, it was also a year of “why me?” and “why not me?”. There’s a lot of things we need to work on going in to the new year. Which would be the perfect time to write some new years resolutions, right?
Moving on to 2019, we’re hoping to change our mindset. Our resolutions are a little different than “go to the gym” or “don’t eat sugar”. They have more meaning to us, and they will hopefully guide us to our goal. Happiness. “Well weren’t you happy this year??” Yes, we were. But not like we should or could have been. We’ve learned what we need to do to find our happiness, and come Jan. 1st, 2019, it’s a clean slate to a new journey.
If any of you are struggling going in to the new year, we hope more than anything that you can find your happiness. The best kind of joy that lasts for many many new years to come.
Our one piece of advice for you, write some resolutions down. Think about it, think about what you need to work on to be all around happier. If going to the gym is one of them, then absolutely go for it! But don’t keep putting these things off, because before you know it 2020 will be here & well, time is something we never get back.
Happy New Year to everyone reading this & supporting us. We hope you stick around, it means more to us than you probably know.
And to everyone following those resolutions, good luck. We got this, we are completely in this together! ♥

If you’re interested in our New Years resolutions to ourselves, just keep reading.

  • Don’t give up on yourself.
  • Focus on the things you love.
  • Good HEALTH, mentally and physically.
  • Read more books, expand your knowledge.
  • Learn to accept and handle the bad with the good.
  • Try to live everyday with joy.
  • Let out daily frustrations in a journal.
  • Learn how to handle money and finances.
  • Teach yourself something new. Anything.

See ya next year.

Autumn & Elizabeth

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