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Health. / Monday, July 30th, 2018

The word “healthy” seems like it has a negative connotation these days. It almost seems impossible, I mean how in the world can I give up donuts?! 🍩 Well as a junk food lover I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. It should be looked at as a lifestyle choice, not anything to be scared of! In order to be healthy, we need to take care of our mind and our body. They go hand in hand, and if one is off, the other will follow. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some intense diet & yoga plan that sounds like a different language. It’s actually much easier than that. There are 5 things, or more if you sit down and think, that you can do on a DAILY basis to be a healthier you. Again, it’s just a lifestyle choice, do as many or as little as you want. ♥

  1. Take the stairs. 
    I mean this sounds so easy right? But think about it, if you’re in a rush or just not paying any attention, subconsciously you’ll take the easier route such as an escalator. Make it your mission to find the stairs, wherever you are, & climb those suckers to the top. Get that heart pumpin’.
  2. Order water at a restaurant.
    Not only is water FREE, but soooooo much healthier for you than soda. Your skin, and insides, will thank you.
  3. Take a break to yourself.
    Go outside, in your room, in your car, wherever, and be by yourself. Forget your phone & block out any noise. Just take a breather & focus on your mental state for a minute. Are you ok? How’s your mood today? Is there anything you can work on? We all need these reflective moments. Otherwise, we’d all be a little bit insane.
  4. Walk your dog or with a friend.
    My favorite form of cardio is walking, because running is terrible, let’s be honest! And walking with someone makes it that much better. Check out the scenery around you, or catch up on some gossip while getting that workout in.
  5. Opt for sugar free.
    I know you just said, “ew”. But trust me, sugar free things these days actually don’t taste any different. Some of them are even better. I always get a sugar free vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks, & it is literally so delicious. If you don’t believe me, just remember that I’m the girl with a HUGE sweet tooth… I wouldn’t make these things up. On the other hand, you can always go more natural with your sweeteners & try something like Stevia since it’s plant based. It does the trick! 🍫

    That’s it you all! 5 things you can do everyday to make that healthy lifestyle all yours. Whoever said it was difficult was sadly mistaken.

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