Holiday Unwind

Life. / Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Merry almost Christmas everyone! 🎄 We still can’t believe it has snuck up on us this fast. So not ready!
Who else gets super stressed out during “the best time of the year”?! Us too. Which is really a bummer. Sometimes, we all just need to step back and think if it is really worth all of the added stress. We strive so hard to make Christmas magical for all of our loved ones, that we lose the moment for ourselves. We want to help you all out, give you some ideas to unwind. Put down the wrapping paper, your credit cards, and phones, and be in the moment, even if it’s for an hour. 

Are you ready to get in the Christmas Spirit?! Let’s do this. 

  1. Sit down & watch a Christmas movie. Turn your phone off. Enjoy. We have a whole list of the best Netflix movies here
  2. Get out your journal and write down your favorite holiday traditions, or maybe what Christmas means to you. It’ll bring you back to reality & you’ll understand the reason for the season again.
  3. Do a lovely face mask pampering sesh while listening to Christmas music. Best of both worlds.
  4. Take a drive to see some Christmas lights. There’s one house in our hometown that we have to see every year. They spend thousands of dollars to decorate & it’s so much fun to look at!
  5. Make some homemade hot chocolate. ☕  Easy Recipe here!
  6. Make a crappy gingerbread house. Because nothing is funnier than failing at a “childrens” task.
  7. Download the Bible App & read the Christmas Story for yourself. It’s a nice faith refresher after all.

Hope you all found something fun & relaxing to do this Christmas! Don’t forget to step back and make this season magical for yourself as well. I mean, it is the most wonderful time of the year. 🎄♥ 

Merry Christmas xoxo,
Autumn & Elizabeth

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  1. Loved your stress ideas. You girls amaze with your wisdom at such young ages. So proud of both of you. Love you bunches and bunches. 😘

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