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Another one of my most asked questions is, “How do you put on false lashes?!” Well, to be honest it can still be a struggle sometimes! It pretty much all depends on the lash. Sure, they may look pretty in the box, but are they user friendly?! Maybe not 💁
Also, practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICEEEE. I promise the more you do it, the better you’ll be able to pop on those lashes in less than 5 minutes.

Let’s get started with a step by step explanation!

1. Find your lashes
There are a MILLION lashes out there. You’ll need to find the perfect lash for you. Think about your eye shape, the look you want to achieve, and figure out your budget. InStyle has a great reference to find your shape! Scroll down for my favorite lashes!

2. Measure lashes to your eye
Without applying any glue, take the lash and measure the band across your eye. Lay it down starting a little back from the inner corner of your eye, and finish at the outer corner. If any is hanging off, take a small pair of cosmetic scissors & cut the outer bit off. Be sure to cut small amounts at a time, ya can’t go back once it’s all gone!

3. Curl your lashes & apply mascara
Curling your eyelashes will make for easier blending into the falsies. You don’t want your lashes to be straight out with a big pair of curly falsies! (unless you’re into that style) Then apply your mascara. You don’t have to make it intense, just enough to coat all of your lashes to match the falsies.

4. Apply a thin line of lash glue
Take your fav lash glue, (mine is Duo Brush-On Glue ) & apply a thin line across the band. Too much will make for a super messy application, start small.

5. Apply your lashes!
Find a mirror and get suuuuper close, if you have a magnified mirror you are in luck! Make sure the glue is tacky before you apply, it should turn almost a translucent color. Start by laying the lashes down on the outer corner of your eye. Taking your finger, or tweezers, place the middle of the lashes down, then the inner corner. Now before the glue sets, squeeze your regular lashes and your falsies together, this will ensure there is no gap between the two! We want this to look seamless & “natural”. LOL.

That’s it! 5 easy steps. Like I said, it will get so much easier with practice. Now, let’s move on to my favorite lashes! These are super easy to use, and they are so affordable.

Flutter Lashes Provocative – (super long, dark, and glam)

Flutter Lashes Crazed

House of Lashes Iconic

House of Lashes Noir Fairy

Ardell Lashes Demi Wispies – (great for beginners)

House of Beauty Sasha – (SLAY20 for $$$ off)

House of Beauty Lisa – (SLAY20 $$$ off)


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