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Who else thinks scary movies are a necessary part of Halloween? Same, join the club!
Technically, you can watch horror movies during any time of the year, but they feel extra spooky during the month of October. 👻
Disclaimer, when I say “scary” movies, I’m talking about any movie ranging from super terrifying, blood and gore, to cheesy child friendly halloween shows. Anything goes during Halloween month.
As I was watching Coraline (cutest/creepiest movie ever), I got the great idea to make my own list of my favorite scary movies/shows to share with you all.  And, the best part is you can find all of these on Netflix or Hulu. Unfortunately, they have recently taken a lot of my favorite movies off, but there’s still some good ones left. Get your popcorn ready. 🎃🍿

1. Coraline – Netflix, Hulu

2. Corpse Bride – Hulu HBO add on

3. Nightmare Before Christmas – Hulu

4. Scooby Doo – Netflix

5. Hush – Netflix

6. V/H/S & V/H/S 2 – Hulu

7. The Haunting – Hulu HBO add on

8.  The Amityville Horror (1979) – Hulu

9. Haunting in Connecticut – Hulu

10. The Lost Boys – Hulu HBO add on

11. The Boy – Netflix

12. The Conjuring – Netflix

13. Children of the Corn – Netflix

14. The Shining – Netflix 

15. Gerald’s Game – Netflix

16. The Sixth Sense – Netflix

17. Child’s Play – Hulu

18. American Horror Story – Netflix & Hulu

19. Haunting of Hill House – Netflix

20. Castle Rock – Hulu

**I also have a few extras for some added childhood nostalgia. Download the DisneyNOW app & watch these for free.

1. Halloweentown 1-4

2. Don’t Look Under the Bed

3. Twitches 1-2


Let me know your favorite scary movies!

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