Pregnancy Hacks

Life. / Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Everyone’s pregnancy is different. Some are easier than others, but we could all still use some help along the way. I came up with a list of hacks to hopefully make growing your little human a little bit less stressful. ♥

• Hairband around button of pants for when they don’t quite fit like they used to.

Bra extenders or sports bras because well…you know why!

• Lotion/oil to help with itchy skin and stretch marks. My favorite oil and vitamin E cream here!

KT tape for abdominal support and low back pain, if ok per doctor. 

Pregnancy pillow/pillow between knees for abdominal discomfort and back/hip pain.

Heating pad or ice pack for pain.

• Small frequent meals so you’re not super tempted by your sweet tooth. Also helps with fullness & heartburn!

• Regular dental checks because those crazy hormones can change everything.

• Walking, if ok to do so per doctor. Listen to your body & don’t overdo it, but do get those benefits!

Flexible belly ring because that belly is gonna pop!

I hope these bring you some relief in your journey. Good luck to you momma 🥰


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