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So everyone deals with a breakout at some point in their life, and some of us are unlucky enough to have more severe breakouts than other. Working for a skincare company I have learned the importance of taking care of your skin and good skin does not happen overnight. First thing to figure out is your skin type:

  • Very Dry to Dry: Dry skin is not to be confused with flaky skin. Very dry skin equals a tight feeling while flaky skin is the result of not properly exfoliating. For this skin type, you’re going to want products meant for sensitive skin and moisturizers will be your best friend!
  • Dry Combination: Oily T-Zone with tight cheeks and forehead (the dry part). This skin type requires mild face products and thicker moisturizers, but make sure they are oil free because we don’t want oil on oil to promote breakouts.
  • Oily Normal: No tightness, occasional T-Zone oiliness throughout the day, but nothing excessive. If you are unsure of your skin type you might be this one because it is the most common “normal” skin type. Breakouts are more common and need oily skin products and oil free moisturizers, but don’t think that because you are oily you don’t need to moisturize. Oily skin may be caused by a lack of moisture to your skin causing your oil glands to work overtime to pick up the slack.
  • Oily: Excessive oil all over face regardless of time of day, most acne prone skin type. Acne fighting products are necessary for this skin type (face wash, spot treatments, and moisturizers with salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide).
  • Cystic Acne cannot be treated by over the counter products. By law, companies that sell acne fighting products cannot make the medicine strong enough to enter the dermis… that is for the dermatologist!

My skin type is Dry Combination, but I have suffered from hormonal, stress, and cystic acne for about a year. Since January I have tried to perfect my skincare routine and I think I finally have it down! What works for me may not work for you, but hopefully it helps give you an idea of what will work for your skin type. My nighttime skincare routine includes:

  • Once weekly I use the 7 day scrub from Clinique which helps to provide a deeper exfoliation and on any given day that I feel a little extra dry I will use coconut oil as a moisturizer. Coconut oil moisturizes and fights p-acne bacteria, the leading cause of acne.




xoxo Autumn



*This post is strictly informational, I am not a doctor just an informed skincare consultant. Please seek a dermatologist or other healthcare professional for questions or concerns about your skin 🙂



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