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Hello 🌻 Watcha listenin’ to? We’re currently vibing to Loving Is Easy- Rex Orange County, while writing this. Music, to us, expresses what our souls are feeling in that moment. For instance, if we’re trying to get our creative juices flowing, we tend to put it on some slow, indie-ish, rock-ish, type music. But, if we’re laying out by the pool, or chilling on the beach, our playlist changes up by a lot. Think way more upbeat, fast jams.
Now music taste, we know, is very personal. But, there is no right or wrong & that’s the beauty of it. We know not everyone will like what we choose to listen to, but we thought it’d be fun to share it anyway 🎶♥
Side note: we’re always up for new music requests. So please feel free to send suggestions.

Enjoy this Summer Playlist 🐳 Now just imagine… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! 🍹

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Autumn & Elizabeth

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