Pregnancy Hacks


Everyone’s pregnancy is different. Some are easier than others, but we could all still use some help along the way. I came up with a list of hacks to hopefully make growing your little human a little bit less stressful. ♥ • Hairband around button of pants for when they don’t quite fit like they used […]


The “Joys” of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy struggles, I mean joys…. or whatever. Things that may be unavoidable, surprisable, admissible, miserable, excitable, or otherwise 🙃 • morning sickness -having suffered from hyperemesis I am dead against all that advice about eating crackers before rising, several small meals per day, etc. Literally the only thing that worked for me was prescription drugs. […]


“Happy” New Year

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We could sit here and tell you that 2018 was great, and we had so many amazing memories. Which is the truth, but do we really want to sugar coat it that much? Coming up with this post idea was easy, but coming up with what to say is a completely different story. 2018 had […]


TMI Question Tag


Hi guys ♥ Long time no talk! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. It’s been a busy week for sure. I thought a good way to wind down and get back in to filming videos would be to do a fun Q&A type tag I found on YouTube. It’s called the TMI Tag, and it’s […]


Self Affirmations For Confidence

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Confidence… something that seems so hard to get these days. Social media can be so draining to that part of us. We tend to compare our lives to those who are “famous”, who only indulge in luxurious things. We forget to be thankful for the blessings we have. Let me tell you, almost everything you […]


July Thoughts.


July has been a month of exploring new things, and going back to things we used to love. There’s a new passion for writing, but also reading in which neither of us have done in forever. Our creative juices have been flowing, and thankfully a ton of blog ideas are in the works. It’s been […]


May Thoughts.


We find it funny that our last monthly thoughts post we said, “we are back in full spring”, and here we are 2 months later finally posting again… 😇 Blogging is a journey, I’ll tell ya that much. April & May have been some busy months for the both of us. We are still trying to figure out […]


I’m Not A Regular Mom I’m A Dog Mom


  Hey guys 🌼 Are you all as excited for warm weather as we are?! Is it FINALLY spring? Thank goodness. We’re so happy to finally be outdoors, soaking up some Vitamin D. And who better to do that with than… OUR DOGS! 🐾 We don’t know about you all, but we love to include our fur babies […]


Manic Monday


Happy Monday lovelies ♥ After being super busy all weekend, it is extremely hard to get out of bed today. Who else just wants to lay in bed & sleep?! I think we all might be in need of some pick me up’s. I made this cute little Motivation Board using PicsArt app, & I’m in love. […]


March Thoughts.


Missed February, but that’s ok because we are back now… in full SPRING🌷 The past 2 months have taught us a lot about balancing all aspects of life. Advice… You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen, you actually have to put in the work. Motivation isn’t easy sometimes, but once you start […]