Shop My Makeup


Hi guys! It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about makeup on here, so I thought what better way to bring it back than by linking my FAVORITE products that I use pretty much every single day. “What do you have on your face?”, is actually a quite common question that I get. So […]


Random Beauty Favs


Hey guys! I thought I would do a quick video talking about my most loved beauty products, since I rarely mention them. Just click the pictures to be taken to the product’s website 😙  


All About That Base


There are sooo many things to think about when it comes to picking out your base products. Like, what color foundation should you get? Or, what kind of primer would work best with your skin type? They’re questions that, unfortunately, you’ll have to research for yourself. Easiest way to go about that is to go […]


E.L.F. Favs


Hi beauties ♄ It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our makeup favs, so here we are! Oh, and we are focusing on one brand today… E.L.F. Cosmetics! We have been using E.L.F. for years. They are so affordable, great quality products, and literally have everything you need to begin makeup. So, we have broken […]


Cut Crease Pictorial


Wow, we haven’t done a makeup post on here in a MINUTE. But, here we are ♄  Today I decided to take pics of a cut crease look I was doing. I recently got the Crown Brush Pro Fuego eyeshadow palette, and wanted to test it out! Btw, this palette’s formula is AMAZING! Talk about so buttery […]


Freelance Makeup Artist Tips: Beginner


  If you don’t follow our Instagram or know me personally, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Autumn & I’m a part-time freelance makeup artist. I wasn’t interested in makeup until my junior year of high school, which was about 6 years ago. Over that time, I’ve learned a few things about running […]


Blind Those Haters


  Hi lovelies ☀ I was sitting down to do my makeup today, and realized that I haven’t ever told you all what my all time favorite highlighters are?! I was shocked, especially since that’s my favorite part of the entire routine. So, I decided today is the day! I’m going to break it down for y’all. […]


Foundation Routine


    Hey everyone! Long time no talk. 😐 February has been one of the busiest months for us in a long time. Needless to say, we’ve been kind of tired! But, we are back and better than ever 😚 I get asked aaa looottt about my foundation, powder, contour, etc. I’ve never went through a full face […]


Lash Queen


Another one of my most asked questions is, “How do you put on false lashes?!” Well, to be honest it can still be a struggle sometimes! It pretty much all depends on the lash. Sure, they may look pretty in the box, but are they user friendly?! Maybe not 💁 Also, practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICEEEE. I promise the […]


So Why The Change?


With a new year comes comes new changes. We decided to change our Instagram name once and for all. We weren’t fond of CoffeeAndSlay being the “title” of our IG. It felt a little overplayed. It has always been much more of a blog name than anything. Our blog features topics about life, health, beauty, […]