Manic Mondays

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via. Pinterest.   Ways to feel better on a Monday: Take a warm bath. Maybe throw a bath bomb or some salts in there. Wear the comfiest clothes you can. Being uncomfortable on a Monday is just wrong. Treat yourself to something delicious, like a gooey chocolate brownie. Listen to your favorite music while getting ready. […]


Manic Monday


Happy Monday lovelies ♥ After being super busy all weekend, it is extremely hard to get out of bed today. Who else just wants to lay in bed & sleep?! I think we all might be in need of some pick me up’s. I made this cute little Motivation Board using PicsArt app, & I’m in love. […]


31 Ways To Expand Your Mind, Body, & Spirit


  We all get so caught up in the day to day, that we forget to focus on ourselves and our surroundings. Life can actually be beautiful if you pause and reset yourself to appreciate the little things. So what better time than a new year to challenge yourself mentally and physically, & try things […]


How Not To DIE On A DIEt


“I’m working on myself, for myself, by myself.” Everyone has been on some type of “diet” at some point in their life. Whether it lasted one hour or one year, we all know what it is like to want a cookie while you’re munching on lettuce. 🍪 So on day 3 of our fabulous diet, *rolls […]


Happy Hump Day!


Because sometimes you just need a little pick me up🐪   And in case you need some music to remind yourself how awesome you are: P!nk- Don’t Let Me Get Me Kacey Musgraves- Follow Your Arrow, Silver Lining, Step Off *for the haters*😉 Beyoncé- Run the World Katy Perry- By the Grace of God, Roar […]