Christmas Movie Marathon


Days Until Christmas Let’s be honest… I started watching Christmas movies as soon as Halloween was over. 🎄 It’s the best time of the year, so why not?! Unfortunately, I only use Netflix & Hulu as my way to watch TV. Fortunately for you all though, I can give you a list of the best Christmas […]


Netflix and… Thrill?


  Who else thinks scary movies are a necessary part of Halloween? Same, join the club! Technically, you can watch horror movies during any time of the year, but they feel extra spooky during the month of October. 👻 Disclaimer, when I say “scary” movies, I’m talking about any movie ranging from super terrifying, blood and […]


Netflix and Chill


So school is about to start back up and we know that you would rather be watching some Netflix than doing that communications paper. We put together a list of some of our fav TV shows, movies, and documentaries to help you procrastinate. Happy watching😋 TV Shows: Shameless- Dysfunctional family in Chicago filled with lots […]