The “Joys” of Pregnancy

Health., Life. / Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Pregnancy struggles, I mean joys…. or whatever. Things that may be unavoidable, surprisable, admissible, miserable, excitable, or otherwise 🙃

morning sickness
-having suffered from hyperemesis I am dead against all that advice about eating crackers before rising, several small meals per day, etc. Literally the only thing that worked for me was prescription drugs. Unfortunately, here, I don’t have any remedies.

acne or glowing skin 
-lucky me I got acne. Breakouts everywhere… nbd, right? I mean I guess not,  except for the fact I was looking forward to that pregnancy glow. Benzoyl peroxide wash and moisturizers help significantly. Also, refrain from picking because, well, scars and it makes the areas worse as we all know.

dry skin, itchy skin, growing skin
-lotion all day everyday. Favorites include palmers tummy butter and straight up vitamin E. 6 and a half months in (knock wood) and no stretch marks. I recommend beginning a good skincare routine early on.

thicker hair, longer hair … for now, I’ve heard
-feel this and embrace it. I’m preparing myself for the epic fallout.

hair that won’t hold pigment (sorry roots)

inability to sleep but tired
-pillows. Body pillow, regular pillow, pregnancy pillow, blankets stuffed in places to act like pillows. Anything to support the knees, hips, back, and growing bump.

constant ability to pee

-increase fluids and fiber

aches and pains
-walking has helped me significantly as far as sciatic pain, ligament pain, and that uncomfortable “stuffed” feeling in my abdominal area.

decrease in balance
-supportive flat shoes and a prayer.

bigger clothes
-comfy sweats because why not. Plus some maternity wear is cute and comfortable as well.


-just cry when you need to.

cravings –SwEeTs
-indulge some, no sense in being miserable about those cravings.

hot flashes
– ice packs, cool clothes, a fan, a freezer…

Either way you’re doing it for that baby and you’re gonna be a great mama ❤


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