Valentine’s Day Date Guide

Life. / Wednesday, January 30th, 2019


Hi beauties ♥ Raise your hand if you love Valentine’s Day? 🙋
I know it’s a pretty hated holiday, but I guess it’s the romantic in me that loves it. Sign me up for all the dates, romance novels, romcoms, tearjerker love movies… I’m down for it. That’s why I thought, why not create a Valentine’s Day theme of posts on the blog for the next couple weeks. I mean, personally I think it’ll be fun. So if you’re in the loving mood, stick around & subscribe to us down below so you won’t miss anything!
Starting out this lovely theme, we both made a list of the best date ideas (not only for couples, bestie dates are also amazing). Some cost money, while others are completely free. Our favorite word. So, grab your partner in crime & find something that you all would love to do together. Oh & surprise dates can be just as great… 💕

  1. Good old fashioned dinner & a movie. Here’s a list of all the new movies coming out in February.
  2. Make chocolate covered strawberries. Get creative! Recipe here.
  3. Build a blanket fort & put on a movie. Redbox, Netflix, an old DVD collection, the options are endless.
  4. Look up a dinner recipe for 2 & recreate it together. How does 34 ideas sound?
  5. Have a spa night! Masks, massages, relaxation.
  6. Take a ballroom dance class.
  7. Go dessert hopping. Try different desserts from the best places in town!
  8. Outdoor ice skating at night. Love.
  9. Wine tasting. Need I say more?
  10. See a comedy show, or if you’re extra fancy maybe a ballet.
  11. Get away for the night in a beautiful hotel. Make sure it has a hot tub!
  12. A sunset picnic. On a beach, or a mountain, or even in a field, it’s gonna be romantic.
  13. Drive in movie. They still have those right?!
  14. A painting class. They even have those ones that serve alcohol while you paint 😱
  15. Make it a night at the museum, or art gallery if you have different taste.
  16. See what concerts are happening & grab a ticket!
  17. Go to Build a Bear & leave cute messages in the recording pieces.

Autumn & Elizabeth

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