Where My Witches At?!

Beauty., Fashion. / Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”.🐭 -Cady Heron


In honor of October 3rd, Mean Girls, and Halloween… We have compiled a list of our fav costume ideas to help with any struggles ya’ll might be having this Hallows Eve season. 🎃

  • Animal
  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Officer (military, firefighter, police)
  • Teacher
  • Devil
  • Skeleton
  • Fortune Teller
  • Go-Go Dancer
  • Hippie
  • Mythical creature (mermaid, werewolf, fairy, dragon)
  • Clown
  • Celebrity (movie, television personality)
  • Superhero
  • Flapper
  • Gangster, Mob
  • Video game character
  • Alien
  • Nerd
  • Witch
  • Broken doll
  • Pop art, comic book
  • Ouija board
  • Scarecrow
  • Plant (flower, cactus, tree)
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • Rockstar
  • VS Angel
  • Food (PB&J, Pizza, Coffee)
  • Candy (melting ice cream, M&Ms)
  • Cat lady
  • Barbie
  • Bob Ross and his painting
  • Gumball machine
  • Zodiac signs
  • “Cereal” killer
  • Troll (cute and colorful trolls)
  • Sports


Some of our fav inspo is pictured below!



**May make any costume sexier depending on how short you cut the skirt or how much cleavage you wanna show**😋

**We collected these talented instagrammers photos from their pages with no intention to claim rights. Simply used for viewing pleasure**

Happy Halloween!

xoxo Autumn & Elizabeth

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